Resources & Support

Emergency Situation

If you know of a situation in which infants, children, or other family members are injured and it is alleged that the pregnant or postpartum woman is responsible, please click the ambulance above to review this document for helpful guidance!

For emergency mental health services contact:

  • Crisis Response Network at  (520) 622-6000

  • Tucson Postpartum Warmline at 888-434-MOMS (6667) Available in english and spanish

    • Phone volunteers are ready to assist you by simply listening or by helping you find a resource in your area. Please leave a message and the volunteer will return your call between 9AM and 8PM.
  • any hospital emergency room or 911

“Do not let the shame of these thoughts stop you from reaching out for help. Shame will tell you not to talk to anyone. Shame will lie to you and tell you that you are a bad mother. But it is not true! You are not a bad mother. You are ill. You need help. There is hope and healing if you would only reach out.” ~ Naomi Knoles