Shades of Blue Project

Houston nonprofit aims to help underserved minority mamas through development of a documentary which will launch stories from Kenya, the United Kingdom and the U.S.  Please share your story-whether it be perinatal depression/anxiety or loss of your baby.

From Kay Matthews, founder:

The Shades of Blue Project is dedicated to helping minority women who are suffering from postpartum depression and/or anxiety. We are dedicated to helping women before, during and after child-birth with mental health advocacy, treatment and support. Our goal is to reach women globally- helping to restore them mentally, physically and spiritually.

Women of color are suffering from maternal mental health issues in silence. Gone are the days that our women have to be so strong, and that they need no one to help them. There are so many women of color struggling and either don’t get help or the right kind of help. I am very passionate about the many circles of women that we help on a daily basis because I know that postpartum depression and anxiety and psychosis don’t discriminate about who they affect. They come in and destroy so many women and families that we have got to stop turning the blind eye and start helping women more than ever after they give birth.

There are hundreds of thousands of women depending on your support for change….Please consider a donation to our project so that we can show women of color that their voices do matter and that they deserve to receive maternal mental health care that is beneficial to their recovery process.

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