Hope Lynette King was born in California in 1977 and currently resides in Arizona, as an inmate in the AZ State Prison system.   Those who knew Hope prior to her sentencing 10 years ago would never have predicted this outcome.

Over the years, Hope has tried to come to an understanding of how she might have hurt the baby girl she loved and wanted.  With the support of inmate friends, family and friends in the community, a pen-pal network of inmate women and their supporters, and advocates for change in how postpartum depression is identified, treated and understood within the context of  maternal healthcare and within the judicial system, Hope may someday have the opportunity she envisions to help other women with postpartum depression.  Even now, within the confines of her incarceration, Hope’s letters, poems and essays inspire and restore meaning to the lives of others in similar circumstances.

Hope spends her days as a level 1 operator for the AZ Division of Motor Vehicles at the prison call center, and when she is not putting in her hours at her job, she loves to draw, paint, write and dabble in various craft projects.  She also enjoys taking classes through a cooperative program with the local community college.  Any wayward or injured bird around the women’s prison is lucky to find their way to Hope’s ‘house’ where first aid and rehabilitation are lovingly provided.

Hope has a big heart and a smile that reveals it.  Along with her keen intelligence, her generous and caring spirit has survived the turn her life took, and continues to grow, embrace and strengthen those with whom she comes in contact.

A Poem by Hope


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