Getting to Know Arundhuti Kundu

Arundhuti Kundu is a board member of the Tucson Postpartum Depression Coalition and provider for women with postpartum depression.


Get to know her a little in today’s post!

What spurred your interest in Maternal Mental Health?
During my junior residency, I worked in one of the busiest OBGYN outpatient departments in India. The experience highlighted mental health issues women experience during pregnancy and postpartum. Lack of adequate mental health care and awareness led to me seeking out a career in Psychiatry and additional training in Women’s Mental Health. Difficulties faced by women at different stages of life, including close family members and myself, have undergone a difficult pregnancy were motivators too.

Above all, the lack of Maternal mental health awareness is the primary reason to pursue this avenue.

Name your goal(s) as a Board Member?
As a Board Member, I would like to focus on increasing awareness and education about Maternal Mental Health in both clinical and non clinical settings. I would like to make available all the resources of TPDC in our community, assuring that we are there for our Moms.

If you had a magic wand, what’s the one thing you would change in the current MMH scenario?
Every woman who is contemplating pregnancy or is pregnant have concurrent MH care from a Maternal mental Health care trained provider throughout the pregnancy and postpartum. Increased funding in Maternal Mental Health care would be optimal.

If you had 24 hours without commitments, what would you choose to do? (hobby, activity, craft)
Spend time with my daughter, engaging in reading, cooking, crafts, whatever she wants!

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